Bride’s Biggest Regret: I didn’t get a Planner!

Bride’s Biggest Regret: I didn’t get a Planner!

After the wedding day is complete, most vendors don’t get to talk to their clients anymore, especially since the job is done. But with photographers and videographers, we get to still have a relationship with our brides and grooms because we’re still editing their photos and videos after their wedding. It’s awesome because it allows us to get to sit down with them and truly ask them about their wedding and their thoughts on everything!

And during these conversations, as we’re handing our bride and groom the photos and videos from their amazing wedding, we always ask: “What is your biggest regret?” Nine times out of ten, it has to do with their wedding planner; more specifically, that they didn’t hire one!

Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they regret planning the wedding alone, but they almost always regret not having someone there on the day of. Just imagine how much there is to do when you throw a party. Now, imagine how much will have to do on a larger scale at your wedding!

Do you really want to be running around, making sure the food is on time, or the DJ is on point, or the photographers and videographers are doing their job all while greeting your guests?

Never mind that, but even while enjoying your own wedding?

No! You want to enjoy your party, you don’t want to be stressed out in the slightest, and you just want to be in the moment of celebrating the day you got to marry your best friend!

It’s always the brides who are left running around on their wedding day that regret not hiring a wedding planner.

Then there are the couples who work full-time jobs, or live outside of where they are getting married, and planned a wedding all on their own! On average, it takes approximately 250 hours to plan a 150 person wedding. Just think about that!

You have 24 hours in a day; 8 to 10 of those hours are allocated to work, probably about 2 of those hours are spent on driving, you might want to eat or sleep at some point, so there goes about 9 hours, and maybe you just want to unwind, have a life, spend some time with your significant other, your friends, your family, or maybe just yourself!

Now, in a 24 hour day, where are you able to find the time to plan a wedding on top of bridal showers, bachelor / bachelorette parties, maybe even a stag?

There is so much to do when you’re planning a wedding, which is why brides always regret not hiring a wedding planner to at least help with some aspects of their wedding. So truly think about it! Do you really want to have a single regret on your wedding day?

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