What is Same Day Wedding Coordination?

What is Same Day Wedding Coordination?

It seems that no matter what stage of your wedding planning you’re in, someone, somewhere will ask “Have you hired a wedding coordinator?” And at first thought you’ll think, “Nah! I’ve planned this wedding already, everything is practically done, why would I hire a wedding planner now?”

But then your big day starts to approach, and you realize that you don’t want to be running around, wondering if the hall is properly decorated, or if your beautiful, five-tiered cake has shown up, or even where your Best Man is when he’s supposed to make his toast!

So you start thinking about hiring a same-day wedding coordinator, someone who will be there to reign in all your vendors, and even guests, when it’s needed, so you can have a seamless day, enjoying every minute of it with your now spouse, and not worrying about a single thing!

And that’s when you start doing some research on wedding coordination, and what exactly a ‘same day’ wedding coordinator means, and if it’s worth the price. All of a sudden, a resounding “YES” screams inside your head and you start researching who to hire!

What a ‘Same Day’ Wedding Coordinator does it makes sure everything is being handled on the day of your wedding. This includes making sure your hair & makeup person has arrived on time, your photographer is where they need to be at that particular time, that your décor and venue is completely set up before you or your guests arrive. They also make sure that everyone is where they need to be during your reception. You don’t want your parents out of the room when you’re about to do your speech, or your photographer in the washroom when you’re about to dance with your father.

These little things are large in the grand scheme of things, and you want to enjoy your wedding day, not have to work it! Your same-day wedding coordinator will not only make sure that all your important guests are where they need to be when something is about to happen, like a speech or dance, but your DJ, photographer, videographer, and even you and your new spouse is ready for it to happen! Not only that, but a great same-day wedding coordinator will make sure that everyone involved has a five-minute warning to be prepared for what’s about to happen.

But then you start thinking about the month before and everything you have to do and put together. Do you really want to spend the last month before you get married stressing about a timeline, and contacting all your vendors so they know exactly what to do and what’s happening on your big day? No, definitely not! So instead of hiring a same-day coordinator, why not hire a month-of coordinator to handle all those details for you?

One meeting a month before your wedding allows you to let go of all those last-minute details and truly enjoy your last month before getting married. A great month-of coordinator will put together your timeline, include everything from dances to speeches, contact each and every one of your vendors so your timeline makes sense with what you booked, and even send them the timeline so everyone is on the same page.

Why hire a same-day wedding coordinator when you can get more completed and less stress when you can hire a month-of wedding coordinator?

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