How to Avoid These Three Common Guest Complaints
When it comes to your wedding, it should be all about the love between you and your fiancé. However, you can’t forget about your guests and their enjoyment. The team at
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Why Boundless Weddings & Planning?
They say that planning a wedding can be stressful. As someone who just got married last June, I can definitely attest to that! Luckily for me, not only do I work within the wedding
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Bride’s Biggest Regret: I didn’t get a Planner!
After the wedding day is complete, most vendors don’t get to talk to their clients anymore, especially since the job is done. But with photographers and videographers, we get to still
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What is Same Day Wedding Coordination?
It seems that no matter what stage of your wedding planning you’re in, someone, somewhere will ask “Have you hired a wedding coordinator?” And at first thought you’ll think, “Nah! I’ve
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We’re Going Steady With The Doctor’s House…
I am beyond proud and thrilled to be making this announcement today, Boundless Weddings has been selected by the iconic Doctor’s House in Kleinburg (Vaughan) to be the exclusive preferred photographer,
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Wedding DayJa-Vous | What is a Same Day Edit?
This is without a doubt a the most awe inspiring, amazing and unexpected trend in the wedding industry today. Imagine seeing your entire wedding again… while you’re still there. I’ve heard
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How to Give a Perfect Wedding Toast
You’ve been asked to give a toast to the couple on the wedding day, and not to put any more added pressure, but your toast will be impossible to forget, so
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Say Yes… to the First Look
Seeing your husband before the ceremony is supposed to be taboo, right? Not in today’s world. The most beautiful, private, amazing and spontaneous ceremony is popping up in our weddings more
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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer
It’s a funny thing when you build a positive relationship with someone; they tend to want to help you. Friends will assist you move, sisters will help you buy clothes, and
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