Unplugged Ceremony… Please!
I’m going to talk to you directly as your wedding photographer here about a very easy way to obstruct the magical moment as you walk down the isle. Please have all
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Wedding Photo Time Budgeting
Clearly when you sign up with Boundless Weddings, you will get our expertise to assist with this process, but for those of you outside Toronto, I wanted to give a little
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Mistakes You’ll Make If You Plan a Late-Night Wedding
We’re seeing more of these pop up and although candlelight ceremonies are amazing for the guests to witness, there are a few considerations that may deter you from fully jumping into
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Let your Photographer Fly! Write a Photography Shot List… Lightly
I recently ran into a couple who was very, we’ll call it, overbearing when it came down to the shot lists they provided us on the wedding day. Their May 2016
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Vanishing Photographers… With My Wedding Photos!
Months after her dream wedding happened, Yarrow Marrett, a Nova Scotia Bride still hasn’t heard back from her wedding photographer. Ariane Anderson Photography had simply disappeared off the face of the
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What to Ask Your Photographer: Consultation Tips
Okay, I personally hate biased blogs of companies that arbitrarily create rules and tips to assist them in making sales, so I wanted to start this blog off with a statement
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The Secret to Perfect Wedding Photos
Shooting weddings for the better part of a decade has taught me a few things: Rain photos on the wedding day are the BEST (Although your hair stylist would disagree), wedding
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Preventing Pre-Wedding Stress Header Image
Preventing Pre-Wedding Stress for Grooms
,Preventing pre-wedding stress is trickier than it sounds! You’ll think you’ve got everything under control, and then it happens. You’ll get on her nerves, and she’ll get on yours. Your wedding
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Why Grooms Don't Care Article Header Image
Grooms Don’t Care – Is It True?
It wasn’t until I got married myself last summer that I understood the perception that grooms don’t care. I heard it time and time again from everyone – ‘it’s her day’ , or ‘just show
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