Krystal & Andrew’s Engagement | Sharon, ON

Krystal & Andrew’s Engagement | Sharon, ON

When Krystal told me that she lived near a farm where we could take photos, pictured a bard, tractor, fences and all this good stuff that a farm would allow us to shoot around. But apparently ‘Farm’ in Sharon Ontario means a grass farm (Sod). When we went out to the big open field with hundreds of acres of… nothing…. I knew we had to start thinking outside the boat.

Andrew has this gift for crafting, and he just told me about this canoe he BUILT himself. So once we got to the field and realized that they were getting a total of 4 poses, he grabbed the boat (Imagine what he looked like walking down the street portaging to no where).

As the shoot progressed, all was looking okay, then we were approached by the owner of the field in his tractor – “I don’t mind that you’re in my field” he said, “But what in the hell are you doing with the boat”. Naturally, I asked him to get off his tractor so I could shoot the most interesting, weird and awesome shot of the year.

It’s funny how a little nothing can turn into the biggest everything.

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