Mahtab and Phillip’s Engagement | Toronto

Mahtab and Phillip’s Engagement | Toronto

This lively couple didn’t know about this ‘Boundless Weddings’ thing when I suggested to meet them at 5:30 in the morning at their downtown Toronto condo for the engagement photo shoot. I wouldn’t blame them either, it’s a silly time to have your make-up ready. However, with a few short snaps, they began to see why.

After the storm throughout the night, and a very likely chance we were to cancel this shoot, we decided to risk it and go out anyway. This particular am was BRUTIL humid, but as the ground heated up it brought a perfect almost impossible fog to surround these two in every shot in the Toronto downtown core.

From the boats to the light rays and everything in between, it was darn near impossible to take a bad shot of these two (Oh, and they’re a pretty good lookin’ couple too J

From this point on, we were big believers in the early AM photo sessions – Let’s just see if we can convince the rest of our couples to do the same!

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