Boundless Weddings is Hiring for 2018

2018 is shaping up to be our biggest year yet, and right on the heels of an exceptional 2017 season! We’re looking to expand our team to keep up with the growing demands of our couples, while continuing to make Boundless Wedding better and better.

About Boundless Weddings

The Boundless Weddings Style:
This is an event for our couple, it’s about fun, laughter, and most importantly epic photography. We aim to WOW in every single shot, and through engagement, photographic skill, and opportunistic thinking – we achieve it.

Is Boundless Weddings Right for Me?
We put an absolute ton of trust into our photographers, and we expect nothing less than the absolute best photography from each of them – our couples deserve it. If you’re a hard worker who loves people, and can create jaw-dropping imagery, we want to work with you! We start our new photographers with a handful of events, and team them up with one of our Lead photographers for a first wedding – From there, we then assign more and more shoots!

What is the anticipated compensation:
This is based on experience, and portfolio! We pay a fair market rate for all seconds, and assistants, and the lead photographers is about quality first. Like everything in life, this is negotiable! Let’s talk.

What We're Looking For:

Lead Photographers + Cinematographers:

As a Boundless Weddings lead photographer or cinematographer, you’re in charge of a wedding! You must be creative, confident, experienced, and above all, super fun! You will be responsible for developing a happy and positive relationship with the client and making their memories better than they could have expected! You will be creating imagery that lines up with the Boundless Style, and will work with both Boundless Weddings and the couple’s expectations.

Equipment Required: Two full frame camera bodies (with redundancy backup system) , Prime lenses (f1.2, f.1.4, f.1.8) Two off-camera flashes, backup cards reliable vehicle. Video: Stabilization system, tripods, monopods, audio capture gear.

Experience Required: Minimum 2 years of lead experience, formal or informal photography education preferred

Second Shooters:

You are the second set of eyes in every wedding! As a Boundless Weddings second photographer + cinematographer you’re responsible for all the reactionary moments, the secondary angles, and the emotional glue that fills the wedding album! You are opportunistic, perceptive, proactive, and above all, super outgoing and fun to work around!

Equipment Required: Two full-frame cameras (with redundancy backup system), Prime Lenses (f1.2, f1.4, f1.8) On-camera flash, reliable transportation.

Experience: First or second shooter experience – Minimum of 10 weddings shot as lead, or second.

Assistant / Associate Photographers:

You make every photo better by bringing extra hands into a wedding! You understand flash, can pick up a camera from time to time, and have a fantastic attitude that people LOVE!

Your main job is to assist the primary photographer + cinematographer with the little things that make the biggest difference! An understanding of posing, positioning, photography and cinematic is an added bonus, but if you’re just starting out, or are a film or photography student, we are going to be working with you and growing your skill set so that one day, you can be a lead photographer!

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